Monday, April 2, 2012

I wanted to update on my weekend, the day had finally come to go to the Eat, Hope Run, event for the Fetal hope foundation in Seattle WA. It went great! I drove to Seattle on Saturday and stayed with family that I have over there =-) I got there at about 3pm, which was alot faster then I had expected. SO I had time to buy a few white shirts and write my girls names on them, then I requested all the TTTS parents to post their TTTS babies names so I could write them on the shirt also, the idea being that when someone glanced at the shirt they could see that a lot of babies are effected by TTTS, I put both angels and survivors names on there. It was great to be able to honor every ones babies also. I am also glad I had thought of something because the few people that I wanted to make sure and meet knew who I was even though we had never met before, I was honored to meet some great people, some I have known for quite awhile on facebook. The one downside was that it was very cold outside, Ellina did pretty good in the stroller but Eliza was shivering even wrapped in a blanket and wanted so bad to go play at the park and the bouncy houses but really couldnt.
Although I had planned on attempting to do more then walk the 5k I ended up choosing to walk because my husbands aunt Nancy, (who has been there for us through everything, almost every doctors appointment surgery etc) had also chosen to walk in honor of our babies and her daughter Julianne's angel babies lost the same year as mine from TTTS. She has had reoccurring problems with her foot so I chose to walk with her. It was a great walk though! they had us go up this steep hill and at the top said ha ha fooled ya for April fools day! turn around! (or something like that) it was a great workout and I loved that I could bring Ellina with me. Also to honor all of my triplet girls, together. TTTS took two of my girls and has put my Ellina through so much. I think the event was draining for both Ellina and me as we both slept for hours when getting back to the house. it wasn't just a tiring day but also very emotional. I thankfully feel like I have come a long was in grief as I felt no anger when seeing the cute identical twins that seemed like they were everywhere. I know it would have been harder had I seen triplets but I also know I would love to see TTTS triplet survivors. I did have a bit of a hard time seeing the little baby twins but it doest help that the baby fever has hit me again =-) lol that's a different subject, maybe for another post. Thankyou everyone that helped me to make this event possible!