Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So I was looking over my blog and realized I have waited way too long to update. We havent had alot going on lately, Ellina is still doing great, she is walking around eating a ton and talking all the time. for the girls birthday in June we did celebrate all three girls, I think everyone was worried that I was planning a funeral on every birthday but to me it was just all about celebrating all my kids, and their birthdays. So we made 3 cakes, which were actually cupcake pull apart cakes, I put cupcakes next to each other and frosted them like one cake, I did 2 butterflies and one large flower. it was a great day, I think the only day in June that I was really ok. although all of June I wasn't really a normal functional person, Here's to hoping that next year Ill be better.
So Ellina around August all the sudden Ellina started acting liek a 2 yer old, its funny cause when she throws fits we laugh cause we are like finally! I think at this point I would still adjust her age, as way closer to her due date she started being more of a 2 year old.
We started up speech therapy again, this time its twice a week, its been a great resource and help for us. Ellina has gotten so much better with her speech plus I don't have to constantly worry about that part, her favorite things to say are, (with attitude) "I don't know!" and "Go away!" she talks constantly and we still dont understand alot of it the difference is now she is actually saying words now not just jabbering. Im so thankful that Im able to have her in therapy for her to have help with this.
She eats really well now, lol she eats alot! constantly eating. I weaned her back in July and now with winter and sicknesses coming along Im kinda regretting it. and really considering pumping for her. She has a virus right now with stuffed up sinus' and although shes doing fine I think having breast milk would help her fight it better, but she is also eating very well loves healthy food and her liquid multi vitamin.

 Ellina is sure a ray of sunshine, she loves to sing and dance and has the cutest smile.
We still have and I believe we always will have our bad days when we just miss our girls. but we are surviving and I think we found our new norm as parents of baby angels in heaven