Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day we found out

Ever since early Jan. Mishael kept saying she felt pregnant. Eliza was 4 only months old, so of course we were saying, "no, your just tried, or it's just hormones", etc. She was fine with having the next one close together but wasn't in a hurry to take a pregnancy test.
Feb 6th, I wanted Mishael to take a walk with me and she said "I just don't feel good, I'm so nauseated". I said you'll feel better after you walk, but she didn't. That night she was really nauseated, and the next day was sick again. She had to go to the Dr for Eliza's well baby check and the Dr suggested a pregnancy test. It was POSITIVE!! The weekend before the kids were all joking and sent a text that she was pregnant....and it was actually true!! She was very excited. Her husband, Cody just left for basic training in the National Guard but she was able to get word to him of the news.
Since she wasn't sure how far along she was she scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday.
On Wednesday, the night before the ultrasound, Mishael had a dream that she was having triplets and they didn't know if there was more. She also dreamed she was due on Sept 30th.
So we, Mom, Mishael, Nancy, Karen were all watching the ultra sound while my midwife friend Sherry was operating the ultrasound wand. Almost right away Sherry says "oh", and Dr Camber says "give me that". My thoughts went from, is it twins, to maybe it's a tumor, or ........ It's always a little nerve racking when you hear the doctor say anything unusual during an ultrasound!!! Finally Dr Camber says it's twins. Mishael right away says, "can I still have a home birth", I say "maybe, it depends." A lot more was said, about how they are fraternal twins, two separate sacks, two separate placentas, etc. We told the Dr. "Mishael dreamed she was having triplets can you look for more?" Sure enough there was another! 3 little tiny heart beats! "I guess you can't have a home birth Shell"
We were in shock the whole day. Mishael was shaky and freaked! Everything is running through her mind; she needs a bigger house, has to get a minivan, what is she going to do about nursing Eliza, lots of names, lots of clothes.....
Dr Camber began to talk about having to have C section, high and low risk situations.
We go back in 2 weeks for another ultra sound to find out if the identical twins each have separate sacks. It looks like there were fraternal twins and one egg split into identical twins.

She was finally able to get the news to Cody who needless to say is feeling shocked and like he wants to be home to take care of everybody. Mishael has Gareth who just turned 3 and Eliza who is now 5 months.

Ultrasound coming up next week!!!

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