Thursday, September 1, 2011

ellina eating issues

Hi, its hard to know what to write when life is so boring, Ellina is doing great! we do have concerns about her having feeding issues, which is completely normal preemie thing we will see how it goes. I have talked to quite a few other parents and alot of preemies have to be on formula throughout their 2nd year, problem is that Ellina is exclusively breastfed no formula and so I don't know what to do, in one week Ill have been breastfeeding for 2 years straight, and some of those times 2 babies!! I don't LOVE breastfeeding but I don't mind doing what is the very best for my babies. I'm just getting tired of it, come on 2 years ;-/ I also work now and the constant stress of pumping or Oh no I didn't pump I might loose my milk. Is just getting tiring too. I need a little bit of a break. Anyway, Ellina refuses to eat anything off a spoon, she will eat finger foods but is very picky about what! I gave her applesauce and she played in it, but clamped her mouth shut, I put spaghetti on her same plate and she stuffed it in her mouth! I don't get this kid, I don't know what she can eat and what she shouldn't be eating but I think she wants flavor and stuff she cant really eat at times.
Oh andlastly, I pulled a half eaten bug out of her mouth, she fought me and was very mad that I took that great bug from her

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  1. Mishael, you know since she is not quite a year, I would give it another month and then worry. None of mine wanted solids and were like that with the clamping and all....and then 12.5-13.5 months, suddenly they wanted more. I was still breastfeeding primarily most of them until 15 months, but 15-20 months, they sort of transitioned!
    I know it is a common preemie issue, but Ellina was priced you wrong on so many of those things....I think, don't worry!