Sunday, March 28, 2010


So...Mishael has been too busy and tired to put her ultrasound pictures on here but I thought I'd write a little note about the last ultrasound. There are definitely three babies in three separate sacks but probably all sharing one placenta. This means that they are all three IDENTICAL... rather TRI-dentical!!! One egg split, first in half and then one half split again. So she'll be having either three boys or three girls. Since girls seem to be pretty rare in our family....I think it'll be boys.
This is very very rare, the specialist says he has never had a set of identical triplets! The odds are somewhere in the 200 million to 1. Apparently, it is such a rare thing that there really is no way to pinpoint the odds.

The downside of one placenta is that it also increases the risks of things like triplet to triplet transfusion among other things. Until they are a little further along, it's hard to tell for sure if there are any problems. The goal is to stay pregnant as long as you can. Keep her and her family in your prayers!!

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