Tuesday, March 30, 2010

baby A

So as the pregnant mom I guess I'm the one that has to write this. What Moriah didnt say about the last ultrasound cause last I talked to her it was too hard for me to talk about it. We have 3 babies, Babies A, B, and C all the babies have strong heart beats are the same size and yes the doctor was pretty sure there is only one placenta, I am still hoping he is wrong cause of the risks that go with that. But my little baby A has a problem, they are calling it hydrops which means that there is fluid under its skin. It is too early really to know what is and we probably wont know till 18 -20 weeks, (Im at 14 weeks right now) But I just keep praying.

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  1. You have alot of people praying, and whatever God's plan is for this little baby, I don't know and other than that I don't think there are any great words to say.