Thursday, April 22, 2010

My last ultrasound

so its been 3 weeks sense my last ultrasound and I finally found the time to post what happened sorry it took so long. Anyway when we started my first question was are all 3 babies alive? when I saw movement everywhere I was temporarily satisfied and I let the ultrasound tech do her thing with measuring etc and just prayed that the news would either be the same on baby A or better I just cant handle worse news right? The night before the ultrasound my husbands cousin whom had miscarried a twin lost her second baby at 16 weeks. her mom, is Nancy and she takes me to all my appointments along with my mom, kind of as an acting mother in law for me (but not a scary one=) anyway so we were a little more on edge and really praying for good news. WE tried asking the ultrasound tech how baby A looked and she didn't really feel comfortable saying she said she would let the doctor look and tell us but she did show us baby A's heartbeat just to be reassuring. When the doctor came in he let us know right away the little bit of fluid under baby A;s skin was so minimal that it really wasn't worth mentioning Wow although I still pray every day for my 3 little ones I also thank God that He has taken care of my little baby A

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