Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi everyone. I'm going to start a little with yesterday. I had a quick prenatal with Julia which we don't draw any real conclusions from as this pregnancy requires more expertise but I like doing it and it lets us connect and look at the little things, blood pressure and measurements etc. I am at 18 weeks and I measured 33 centimeters! wow no wonder I've been feeling so big! anyway I noticed that I wasn't getting the movement that I had been getting on my left side and although the Doppler isn't that accurate with 3 heartbeats we tried anyway and were fairly sure that there was a heartbeat there and that set my mind somewhat at ease. So then I go to my ultra sound today and I found out why my baby isn't moving so much. OK again we have Babies A, B, and C turns out we have a case of twin to twin transfusion between Babies A and C the blood is not flowing correctly and Baby C isn't getting what it needs to grow in result baby A has a bunch more fluid and Baby C has almost nothing, making it sucked up against the side and it really cant move. The size was another big issue babies A and B are the right size.. 18 weeks and Baby C is 15 weeks in size. meaning that sense my last ultrasound baby C hasn't grown at all. So where do we go from here? we really don't have more then one option to go to Seattle and do a procedure than they try to laser the place where the 2 babies blood flow connects they say that there are allot of successes with this and our only other option is do nothing which could make us loose at least the 2 babies. anyway i will know more soon don't know when Ill have time for updates but please everyone. Pray I know God can do anything so we will see where He wants to bring us


  1. Hi Mishael

    I'm from PW - Martha asked for prayer for you, and I will be praying.

  2. Hi Mishael

    I'm also from PW and we are praying for you, your babies and your family as well. We are two hours from the hospital, but are available if you were to have needs arise.