Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ellina is up to 1lb 8oz! she looks so big to me, isn't that funny? Ill get some pictures again soon but its hard to see size very well from pictures. So Ellinas heart is still looking the same, they started her om some medication to help her to function a little better, her heart rate was running about 150-160 the medicine slows it down to around 130 so that it gives her heart more time to fill with blood. I am worried simply because every time Ive been told worse case scenario that's whats happened. I am really working on trusting God. I am doing alright most of the time, I saw twins in the nicu sharing a bed, it makes me sad and jealous but I of course would never want this to happen to anyone else. I just miss my baby girls alot. We went home for the weekend last weekend. It was good to see friends but really hard cause I had imagined the first time my husband and I would go home the whole time he was gone and I was expecting to be pregnant, instead I am not pregnant and the one baby I still have I had to leave in the hospital, she is mine but I cant have her yet. Anyway, its not all bad the Ronald McDonald house is a great thing to have here, we have a full kitchen to use and cooking and baking is great therapy for me, and I'm getting close to having enough things stocked to make food. I spend allot of time at the hospital and pumping so that doesn't leave me much time for the kitchen but I make it ok. Life goes on........

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