Monday, January 10, 2011

I keep trying to write then get distracted or lost on what to say. I think I'm gonna keep going right now. We are getting super close to a year from when I found out I was pregnant. It crazy how this last year has played out and how my moods go up and down. I find its hard to watch anything super emotional, doesn't matter how fiction it is I still seem to cry allot more during my favorite shows. My husband and I ended up discussing my surgery last time we watched something together, and both ended up in tears, it was so traumatizing for us going through that and being separated. Now whenever we discuss him going anywhere for a period of time we both get kinda freaked out. Well we may have to figure out something because work is scarce around here and income is a must.
Ellina's eye doctor's office called me and he want to see her one more time before passing her to the other doc that sees kids. Ive decided he misses her=) They keep insisting nothings wrong he just read some article and want to be on the safe side with her.
Ellina is still doing ok, I'm a worry wort with her and my newest worry, Why does she still need extra oxygen? She does ok without for a few hours and then all the sudden her sats go down. I think I'm going to be discussing with her doctor about looking into that a little deeper.
She also got her first bad ear infection, poor baby cried for hours until I gave her Tylenol for the night and took her in the next day. She was on antibiotics for 10 days and now that shes done I'm wondering if its coming back. She seems just a little more fussy then normal... And as babies go I think she is already pretty fussy. Its ok, its just making up for the fact that she is my first fussy baby out of 5 kids... Someone said they read that twin less twins, (although Ellina is a tripletless triplet) grieve over their siblings and therefore cry allot more. I wonder sometimes. I love to think when she smiles at the wall that her angel sisters are down visiting with her. I guess I don't care about the theology behind that. Anyway, our lives go on here. I have a birthday party to plan for my Gareth, he's gonna be 4 years old! wow my oldest little on is getting way too big!

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