Monday, January 17, 2011

So we are home now and Ellina is doing great, she did really well with the surgery, came out of anesthesia ok it took about 5 hours till she was ok enough h to eat, poor baby she was all out of it but couldn't suck and hadn't eaten since 5 that morning, her surgery was at 9 am. Anyway we see the eye doc on Mon, as far as he could tell it went really well I'm thinking we will know for sure how she did with it when we see him again. It was nice seeing the NICU doctor again, she is the same doctor that had Ellina when we had to go stay in the Kalispell after we left Missoula and Ellina got sick again, she is a great doctor, but she worries so much, last time we were there it was just so hard for me to be back in the hospital after going home. This time it was great we were only there for one night but I could let her know all my worries, Why is she still on oxygen? What if she has brain damage that we don't know about? Anyway we did a chest x-ray and although her lungs look way better there are signs that she will still need a tiny bit of extra oxygen. So I feel much better with that. WE also did a brain ultrasound and it looked very good, I still am going to get a referral to a neurologist and see about getting an MRI to find out if there is something that didn't show up on an ultrasound.
Other then that we are doing pretty good, It was really hard on Cody when I told him that Ellina needed surgery I think we are both sick and tired of worrying about the our survive, I tend to obsess so much more then I did with my other kids.
I still miss my babies like crazy, sometimes nothing seems right, we are getting close to about a year when we found out we were having triplets and although I thought that the chance of them all surviving wasn't that high but at the same time I didn't really believe it, from that point on I planned that next year I would be crazy busy with three babies, my daughter Ellina is so adorable and I just know my girls are in heaven charming everyone up there with their smiles and cooing and talking their own language

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