Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm excited to say that I am planning a trip to Seattle WA with Ellina to do a 5k run for the Fetal Hope Fountation! I plan on taking Ellina with me and doing the stroller run.
here is a link that explains the event =)
I am at this point trying to raise funds to be able to go as its a 8 hour drive for me, it is something that is important to me so Im sure I will make it happen but if anyone would like to help out we added a donate button to this blog! even $1 would make a difference =-)

Now for an update on Ellina, she seems to be growing up faster and more and more every day, she jabbers like crazy and seems to think we should understand every word =-) so far I have discovered that her jumbled words do mean something but I have to listen carefully and in context, she says, "what that?"
She also has a little attatude, crazy girl, she has discovered hair pulling and hitting... yeah that is so annoying and her poor older sister =(
She is still a tiny girl but seem to be catching up to her actual age, she will be 2 on june 18th! I cant believe its been that long since I delivered her and cuddled with my baby girls Emmalin and Ellianna, miss them. Mama and Daddy miss you girls!

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