Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ellinas surgery

So Ellina had her surgery yesterday, It was so hard for me to hand her over, They went on through both her thighs that went up to her heart. it took 1 1/2 hours for the surgery it self. He said the valve was so tight he was surprised that any blood was going through at all. and using a balloon they were able to stretch it out and consider it a success. So that is great. We spent last night in the hospital to watch and make sure she did OK in hopes of leaving today. Well she was up all night long, in pain, It was so hard to watch my little baby in pain and she really wasn't eating normally, they said that its not normal at all with this surgery, we decided that be cause she was intebated during surgery that maybe the back of her throat was scratched and that's why she isn't eating well. today she continued not to eat well so we are staying another night. so pray that she start eating and acting like herself again. This has been very hard for me. The last time I was over in this area was for my laser surgery. It really has made me miss my babies. Then having to worry about something happening to Ellina killed me. It doesn't help when I know the pain of loss already I just go through the what will I do if something happens?


  1. Honey, If I could be there I would. You can do this.

  2. I hope things continue to go well and you get to go home soon! I'll keep her and you in my prayers. I like the new look on the blog!