Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hi, so Ellina is doing much better, shes been off Tylenol and acting normally, I even have her off oxygen allot, I think she is going to be off if it as soon as she is all recovered. Also Ellina had one of her many doc apts today and; she weight 8lbs 10oz, and 20 inches long, she is up in the 25th percentile when the nicu doctor predicted the 10th for the first part or whole life! also we decided to take her off the fortified breast milk on Tue when I saw her and she still gained weight so we are going to stop that and just monitor weight still. fun fun. The only thing left to worry about at the moment is Ellinas toe. You may remember when she was born that her left leg turned while from the line put in her umbilical cord right after birth, they ended up having to pull it because it would allow circulation to that leg. Well in the surgery they put a line in an artery above that leg and the same thing happened, when she came out of recovery it was much better the it started out but at the end of the day she was left with a very purple toe. Although it look a little better it is still very purple. We finally talked to some specialists and they are quite confident that eventually the blood will flow around and get to the end of the toe it just might take awhile, of course the poor baby it hurts her, I'm kinda assuming its like frostbite because we know that hurts right. Ive been doing pretty good lately, not so many bad days so that's good, I think Cody's been having a harder time, I think he blames himself sometimes because he was gone, its hard for me because we both deal with so many "what ifs?" And one being if he had been there I may have been able to take it easier then I did. also I know Cody feel like he doesn't have the same right to miss the girls as I do. its not that he doesn't care but just struggles with that he wasn't here. I try and remind him that I talked to him every day on the phone and they heard him plus when I went to see him he had a nice conversation with all three babies. Also I discovered that Cody doesn't like talking about his feelings, for me if someone asked me if I'm upset about something its like a realise to say yes that is it. but for him he is like of course it upsets me why'd you bring it up? Anyway Cody could use prayers, and so could I=) Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling

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