Friday, February 11, 2011


Just also wanted to say about Ellina, She is doing very well, still not rolling over so still behind but kicking those legs like crazy and pulling her pacifier out so she can look and talk to it=), or just so that she can cry so i will come and pay attention to her. She is definitely a fussy baby, but its ok I'm adjusting and so is she, we will probably be starting physical therapy for her within a couple weeks so hopefully she can get more strength in her shoulders and of course her little leg. She is probably gonna need oxygen for quite awhile still but its cool at least I know she is getting nice clean air all the time. other then that she is amazing, and love her more and more every day.
My son Gareth was in the store for me today and grabbed so bigger sized clothes saying that weren't they cute? i said yes but who are they for? he replied Emmalin, It breaks my heart but also warms it that my four year old wants so bad to include his sister that he never met in our family


  1. Awwww! Thank you for sharing! She'll catch up. . . she's got lots of time yet. My little Isaiah was a lot older preemie at 28.6, but they still said it could take up to 2 years to catch up. He is two now and you'd never guess he was any different than any other two year old. Ellina will get there too!
    Children are amazing, aren't they? Four year olds understand so much more than we give them credit for and are such blessings.

  2. She looks really good! The PT will help alot, it has worked wonders with Elijah! Elijah was a fussy baby, he is almost three and still is! :)