Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I emailed her back and this is what she said:

I will talk to Dr. Walker & Paek and see if they have any insights. We are all very sorry for your loss and to know that you are struggling with the lack of answers. Perhaps there were deeper connections we couldn’t see that were to blame? Perhaps there was something else going on? It’s so hard to retrospectively piece the puzzle, especially when we didn’t do the ultrasounds.

I feel much better now, had a little time to cool off too and think. I know TTTS took my girls I also know that from the start my placenta wasn't healthy maybe caused by TTTS..? The girls cords were inserted wrong and were obviously still connected had they not been Ellina would not have been in so much trouble after their passing. I will always miss my girls and I will always search for answers, not necessarily because I should but because that is just me, how I am.
Emmalin and Ellianna, Mama misses you and will always love you. YES I have 5 kids I have a set of triplets and always will

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  1. Yes, that is one thing we do know, the insertions were really wrong. Yes, you do have a set of triplets....even with two of them in heaven, they will always be yours.