Monday, July 25, 2011

So my continuation, I realized I didnt post about my Ellina, who through everything makes me smile, and makes me see how blessed I am on top of everything else. She is a HUGE blessing and I am truly thankful, This past week she started to Crawl! its so amazing, she can roll from her stomach to back but not very well but if she is on her belly she can get ot a sit up position and go back to crawling! it just really amazing how well she is doing, she has an MRI on Wednesday, but really no concerns right now, she wont eat any solids but not quite old enough to make a fuss about it, just something to work on.

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  1. She is so freaking cute and amazing! What a joy it is to see her grow and she is just such a happy little baby who is so loved! I think she is such a testament of God's goodness and I think God is going to use her and her story for such amazing things! I'm happy I get to be close enough to watch it all! =)