Thursday, May 13, 2010

Doctors appointment today

So I had my followup doctors appointment today, and I was so nervous. Its a Little over a week from my surgery and I feel Baby A move all the time but the over babies it seems very little, sometimes I get a kick right in the middle, and I all Who was that? So when we got to the apt I ask first off if there were heartbeats. Yes all 3 had nice strong heartbeats! All through the ultrasound I just got happier and thanked God more. all 3 had about the same amount of fluid. Baby C is still smaller but was growing just fine, the doc said she probably wont catch up till birth but as long as she keeps growing there is nothing to worry about. SO our last worry was Baby A's heart, so when the doc came he looked at that first. there is some outer wall thickening, which is because she was getting so much blood and it was trying the strengthen itself, just like all muscles when they are worked they get bigger, this is something that he said normally reverses itself given time and since she is no longer overworked. the other thing that the last ultrasound showed was what we call a hole in the heart. and today the doc said he is cautiously optimistic because he didn't see it at all. so as of today we are good! Then I went and spent Way too much a t motherhood maternity =) I don't know I still think I feel better but I just hate spending money. and I could have spent way more if I had gotten all those cute shirts that fit perfect but I don't need


  1. Are you going to post pictures of you in your cute shirts??

  2. Praise the Lord! Keeping you all in my prayers! I think motherhood is a necessity when you are pregnant...cause you just feel horrible and frumpy and then you go there and everything fits so nicely and the clothes are wonderful! Justify it by thinking that you can give your sisters or somebody really cute clothes for their pregnancy when you are done with them. =)