Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi, So about my appointment yesterday. We ended up bring both kids with us and although it was exhausting they were actually pretty good. They didn't do any measurement today just Dopplers (looking at the heartbeats) and fluid checks. I didn't mind I just said" show me 3 heartbeats and Ill be fine" They did. The main things were that the side affects from TTTS are slowly going away, Baby As heart looks good and although its still showing that it was over used by all the blood it looks better then last time. and he is pretty sure still there is no defect. Baby C has a nice vi sable bladder and a good amount of fluid and the funny thing is last time baby B was breech and now she is head down, thats what all that movement was. Baby A was more on the right side and now Baby C has moved her head down more (she is still more transverse) so that Baby A is more in the middle of both babies it confused the doc enough that he had to measure heads to figure out who was who. And the whole time he is trying to talk Gareth is saying way too loudly "I see my sisters!" =) He ran around with a pic showing it to everyone "this is my sister" Although I don't plan on bringing him again for awhile It was a good experience for him. So we broke that pattern we had going on, every other apt has been bad and the yesterday was good too. I'm just thanking God for keeping my babies safe and putting me in the hands of such good doctors.

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