Thursday, May 6, 2010

Latest Update

The day after the surgery Dr Paek did a follow-up ultrasound. The babies all are looking good and a little better. She is not having any cervical changes and no signs of pre-term labor. They did give her some medicine to take to stop labor if she has too many contractions. She will have a follow-up ultrasound in Missoula with Dr Utter weekly x 4 weeks following the surgery. They were impressed with how well Mishael's body is handling everything and how perfect her labwork, cervix etc. looked. Baby A has less fluid (the same amount she had after surgery after they took off 1600ml) and her heart function looks a little better. Baby C has more fluid and is now on the low end of normal instead of too low, she also had a small amount of fluid in her bladder (which is an indicator of how dehydrated she is--before she had none). Baby B also had more fluid so there must have been some transfusing going on with baby B also. She explained she found 2 large connections between baby A-C and 2 small ones between baby A-B and 3 between baby C-B. So there was a total of 7 connections. The doctor seems very optomistic about the surgery and now its a waiting game. They will do a follow-up echocardiogram on baby A probably about 21 weeks. We drove back from Seattle yesterday and arrived back home late last night.

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  1. I'm so glad everything went well!!

    I'll keep you and your girls in my prayers. :)