Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doctors apt tomorrow, every other apt hasn't been good, so I'm a little nervous but my biggest question now is the kids, Gareth has been having such a hard time with me leaving all the time but bringing them is going to be alot to handle in the apt when I'm laying on a bed and Nancy has to keep them happy and not getting into stuff. Does anyone know of a good/cheap babysitter in missoula? that would help alot so I wouldn't have to leave them for so long. I actually only bought bras and really cute expensive jeans at motherhood maternity and I spent too much if I had gotten all the shirts I wanted I would have spent triple what I ended up spending (funny how ill never look at the word triple the same ever again ha ha)

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  1. Ha, Ha, triple!!! Well, have you looked on Ebay? Alot of people sell their Motherhood stuff on ebay and it is cheaper if you buy a lot...just an idea. Hope the appt goes well. Text us when you are done.