Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surgery is done

Maria here again. I'm sitting in the hospital room with Mishael. Surgery went well, I got to be in the operating room and watch the whole procedure. We were able to see the the one of the baby's face's and hands etc. with the camera. It was amazing! The nurses and Doctors have all been absolutely wonderful. I have been extremely impressed with this hospital (coming from an opinionated nurse that's a good compliment!) Mishael's nurse told her that she had 2 of her babies at home too! :)
Anyway, Mishael was sorta freaked out about getting a spinal but after she got settled in she was able to relax a little and watch the surgery and ask questions. The surgeons (there were two of them) were great and explained things as they went. It took about 5 seconds to cauterize the large connections between baby A and baby C. Then they spent the rest of the time looking for connections between baby A and B and B and C. They found a few and cauterized them and also spent some time figuring out where the babies are connected to the placenta. They found that baby C doesn't have much placenta and may not be able to recover but its really hard to say and the Dr said there's no reason to believe she won't make it but there's always that possibility. They were able to disconnect all the babies completely from eachother so if for some reason one of them doesn't make it, it wouldn't affect the other ones. They also took 1600 ml of fluid off of baby A, so Mishael's stomach is a bit smaller now!
Mishael is resting in her room and Eliza is here too. They are family friendly and will allow her to stay in the room with Mishael.
That's all for now. If all goes well she will go home in the morning!

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  1. PRAISE GOD!!!
    The wonders of modern medicine never cease to amaze me. Praying all the babes will stay healthy and safe for another 19 or so weeks.

    blessing to the family in Christ,
    Mrs T