Wednesday, June 23, 2010

8 am- time to touch

A Preemie can only be touched a few times a day. They need their life to be as much like the womb as possible. So they are kept in a covered isolate. The nurses try to keep their touching to 3 times a day. So this morning at 8 am is the 1st time of the day they will change diapers, and do their routine. I got up and rushed over so I could be involved.
She was awake and looking at me. I could hold her tiny, tiny little hand. At one point the nurse needed to change the bedding, so I picked her up so she could change it. She didn't feel like anything. She only weighs 1 lb 4 oz today. I think most books weigh more then that!
Mishael was able to hold her yesterday for the 1st time. She put her down her shirt and held her for 3 hours, kangaroo style. Mishael said her body heated up and the baby stayed nice and warm. So hopefully that will be a daily thing she can do.


  1. Congratulations to Mishael, Cody and fam... Emmalin and Ellianna will always be with Ellina Joy as her special angels-- what a wonderful gift. Much love to all. You are at the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. We look forward to more good news of this beautiful baby girl as time permits. Bless you all. --Amy

  2. Just wanted to express my sadness over the loss of Ellina's womb sisters... you all have been in my thoughts constantly since reading your news... I'm so glad for Gareth and Eliza to help salve the pain of missing the other babies-- and so grateful that Ellina continues keeping on. You are in my thoughts and prayers every other minute or so, and don't hesitate to call on me if I can lend a hand, or simply a shoulder. Best to you all, and blessings-- Amy