Friday, June 18, 2010

I know most everyone has seen the update that I had the babies last night, Baby Ellina Joy is our little surviver and is doing great so far, she is 1lb 6 oz and 13 1/2 inches she is breathing on her own! I actually went into labor and was allowed to have them naturally, something I am very thankful for. right before I started pushing we lost Ellina's heartbeat, the doctors werent there yet but the nurses agreed that I just needed to get pushing. I had her and she didnt look alive... it was scary I kept saying "I cant loose her too." But almost right away she took a breath all on her own! she even cried a little.
Cody will be home for good flying in tonite. Its going to be alot of descisions and its bittersweet, I will forever miss my 2 little girls Emmalin Mercy and Ellianna Hope. But I will thank God that He has given me Ellina. When Cody gets here tonite we will try to get some memories with both our angels Im not sure what we can hadle with holding them but I know we need to try. Thankyou everyone for your parayers and please keep praying for Ellina, that she will keep thriving and doing better everyday, a


  1. Mishael, the names you chose for your daughters are beautiful. I pray that God will bless little Ellina Joy, and that she will continue to bring you joy as she grows and strengthens. I am sorry that Emmalin and Ellianna have passed away.

  2. Mishael, weeping with you for the loss of your precious little girls, but rejoicing with you that God has spared Ellina Joy. My sister, Jolie, lost her only little one yesterday at 23 weeks (perhaps you can remember to pray for her). I'm sure this morning has brought bittersweet emotions. Enjoy your precious baby. We will keep her in prayer as she grows healthy and strong to glorify God.

    "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." (Job 1:21)

  3. Mishael;
    So happy that Ellina Joy is doing so well and so sad that you had to have such a bittersweet entrance into the world for her too. You know I understand that pain.
    I am glad you were able to meet your angels, it is so heartbreaking and yet so important.
    I will be praying for you all and will try to call you again soon.
    It sounds like it might be an uneventful NICU stay and I'll pray for that too!
    God Bless You!

  4. Mishael,
    I've been praying for you and only just heard about your delivery. Such a mixed feeling of both joy and sorrow. I'm so thankful and happy for you that Ellina Joy was born healthy and doing well for being so premature! And my heart aches for you and Cody knowing that you lost your other two precious babies. I'm glad you have such a strong support system with your sisters and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you!