Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update from afar

I just took these pictures last week.

I'm over in Great Falls having a horrible time not being with Mishael. It goes against a mothers heart. Thankfully we have a big family and there are plenty of supportive people to take turns.
The news I heard this morning, is Baby B is doing a little better or at least not getting any worse. We have now hit the 48 hour mark which was very important. The Dr is saying it's very possible for our little sweet baby B to hang in there a few days or even weeks. Every day inside makes a huge difference of how well she will do when she is born. 24 weeks is very early, but every day the chances of her making it go up. They said she is doing so good that they might be able to let Mishael get off the monitors for a couple hours at a time. This would be good for Mishael to be able to get up and around a little.
Lots of hard decisions have to be made, so praying for wisdom and peace through all this.
They were able to get the family a room at Ronald McDonald house, which I hear is very nice.
Every one is taking turns being down there with them and watching children. Cody can stay at the hospital with Mishael. So glad Cody can be with her again.


  1. I lost my donor twin at around 21 weeks in January of last year after laser surgery. My recipient is now a healthy 13 month old! The rest of your pregnancy is going to be tough, emotionally and physically, but you can get through it! Stay strong!

  2. I've been watching this amazing blog for weeks now and I so very sad to hear of the loss of your precious babies. TTTS is such a horrible disease and I assume yours came back and acted quickly and visiously. Ours was a very fast acting case and we lost our recipient right after surgery as well. It was devastating. Our donor was okay but needed a blood transfusion in utero and lots of monitoring. I spent most of the remainder of the pregnancy in hospital away from my family I can relate.
    Please feel free to message me or check out the blog connected with my sign in name. Perhaps some of what I've written will bring you some peace.

  3. So glad that Mishael and baby B are doing ok. We will continue to pray. The dresses are beautiful. -Amanda Montgomery

  4. Joyce, I'm praying for your family. I know what you mean by a "mother's heart," and wanting desperately to be there but needing to be somewhere else instead.