Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to the world Ellina

Ellina Joy Jelley was born last night at 1:30 am. She was delivered naturally, for which Mishael is very thankful for. She didn't want a C-section. Ellina is 1 lb 6 oz and is in the NICU. She is breathing with only the help of a CPAP although she may have to be intubated later. She is the smallest thing I've ever seen in the my life. The Dr says she is doing really well. We will try to get some pictures up soon. Cody had to go back to finish his training and is supposed to fly back into Kalispell tonight. Mishael was able to hold Ellianna also and she's even tinier. Her head is about the size of a hard boiled egg, she's about the size of a barbie doll. She was not able to hold Emmalin but the nurse attempted to get footprints and handprints so at least she'll have those.
Mishael is doing really well. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald house. The nurses and doctors are amazing. Looks like we'll all be in Missoula for a long time...
Thanks to everyone for all the encouraging thoughts, comments and prayers.

UPDate Ellina is doing really well. She even sucked some breast milk off a q-tip and they will give her some in her feeding tube every 12 hours. She is getting another chest xray and a scan of her brain to check for bleeds but everyone is very encouraged with how well she is doing. She tries to cry but its sounds like a little mouse squeak. She grips Mishael's hand with her tiny little fingers.

Her diaper is too big for her and its the same size as a cell phone!

Footprints of all the babies.


  1. Congratulations, Mishael:) I'm so sorry you weren't able to hold one of your precious little girls. I am praying for you, Cody, and tiny Ellina.
    ~Sarah Reese

  2. Mishael, I am so sorry for your loss, but rejoicing in the birth of Ellina. I am continuing to pray for her health and for your family.

  3. Congratulations on Ellina's birth! She is so precious and tiny, but it sounds like she is doing so well, thank God. The photos bring back memories of my 28 weeker, but he was intubated immediately following birth - not doing nearly as well as Ellina looks to be doing.
    I am so sorry for your other two babies. We are praying for you all, and for sweet little Ellina that she grows and thrives and can come home as soon as realistically possible. It's a long haul for these little ones, but God will walk you through every single step of the journey.

  4. What a beautiful, precious gift from God! She's a beautiful little girl, Mishael. I am so sorry for the loss of the other two girls, I pray that God would be your comfort ~ if you ever want to talk to a Mama who has lost a baby, please feel free to email or call me...Martha knows how to get ahold of me.