Saturday, September 25, 2010

So we decided to go home today, We went home on Thurs then stayed with my sister Gina till today, the idea was to stay in Kalispell closer to the bigger hospital but everyone in my family that had a place for us to stay over there, someone in the house was sick. The last thing that I want is to go back to the hospital and I really cant have Ellina getting sick with something else. although with 2 other kids in the household its probably inevvidable that she will catch something again I just pray that she gets strong enough to handle it. We have an appt with the heart Doctor on Mon in Missoula, yey for 3 1/2 hour drives. We have Ellinas eyes checked next Wed in Kalispell, thankfully a little less of a drive. Anyway we are going to be checking out the cemetery in Libby and hopefully figure it out so we can have a service for the girls soon. I hope I like the on here. I honestly didnt think I would be picky, turns out not every place is the same like I always thought


  1. I hope everything will go well for you!
    Again thank you for joining the book!