Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When we left the hospital they did an echo in Ellinas heart and it looked better so out hope was that she was just having a hard time with being sick. But our heart specialist wanted to see her right away so we went down to Missoula and they did a full echo. The diagnoses is pulmonary stenosis, I would love to explain it but I still don't know much don't want to explain it wrong. Ill be getting more info soon. Any its bad enough that they feel we need to do a surgery, its pretty straightforward, done in Seattle. And is risky like any other surgery. He does feel that eventually Ellina cant thrive without this surgery so there really isnt a choice.
Tomorrow we go to Kalispell for Ellinas eye exam. yey, hopefully they wont say she need surgery for that too. but we will see. I really wish her eyes would develop already.
So I'm doing okay, I feel like the only way not to stress too much is be in denial and just say its no big deal. Just not thinking too hard yet. But prayers are always good and although the surgery is probably inevitable we can pray that ellina doesn't get sick cause that would make it allot worse

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